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Birthdays Unit

That first level 1 unit traditionally includes greetings, names, ages, numbers 0-100, months, dates, alphabet, weather, and “¿Puedo ir al baño?” It took so long to teach all of that! I still want to cover those, but not all at once. Here’s my unit that I used to teach some of those basics in a cultural context.

Listen to (and learn) new holiday music!

Music is a big part of holiday traditions and I love how each culture has unique songs that connect to the season. There’s nothing wrong with Jingle Bells, but I like to expose students to music that is really original to the target culture (not just a translation).  What songs should our students recognize or
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April Inspiration

Hel-lo April! So glad to have a little more sun on my face. Planning an exciting lesson is a little harder for me during this time of year. Hopefully a few of these celebrations/festivals will add that much needed curiosity to our lessons. Please share what inspires your April lessons too!

Egg-cellent Traditions

Many of you are on Spring Break or it’s coming up soon. That day before… only half would show up and only half of those were in the mood to do anything. When looking through old pictures, I saw some where we had made and busted cascarones on the day before Spring Break. I think
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March Inspiration

Since March is around the corner, here is a list of some traditional and newer events from around the world to inspire your upcoming lessons with rich photos and target language resources. I think these will inspire some bucket list additions!

Celebrate Spring!

Except for that dreaded Daylight Savings Time change, spring is amazing! The crocuses are popping through the leftover snow and the sun warms you during a brisk walk. All this and more proves why the world celebrates spring! Take a glance at some different celebrations…

Carnaval de Barranquilla

Al celebrar!