Since March is around the corner, here is a list of some traditional and newer events from around the world to inspire your upcoming lessons with rich photos and target language resources. I think these will inspire some bucket list additions!

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February 13 – March 2 / Fête du Citron (Festival of Lemon) / France ~ What if students created a lemon sculpture as an optional homework?

March 2-4 / Battaglia delle Arance (Battle of the Oranges) / Ivrea, Italy

March / Noche de Brujas / Cerro Mono Blanco, Catemaco, Mexico

March 11 / 11 de marzo / Spain ~ A day of remembering Lesson ideas Authentic Resources

March 18-April 10 / Thüringer Bachwochen / Germany ~ For the music lovers! I would love to hear a student play a song by Bach.

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March, 3 days around full moon / Holi / India & Nepal ~ Ok. This one is going on my bucket list!

March 12-19 / Las Fallas / Valencia, Spain ~ Resources: Las Fallas

March 14 / ホワイトデ (White Day) / Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China ~ Now the men give gifts of love

March 20 or 21 / Spring Equinox / Chichén Itzá, Mexico and many others ~ Resources: Equinoccio, Eclipse y Kukulcán.

March 21-30 / OSAKA-POP Cool Japan Awards / Osaka, Japan ~ Cosplay competition this year!


March, first new moon after mid-March / Nyepi / Bali ~ A New Year celebration

End of March / Hanami (Cherry Blossom Events) / Japan ~ I saw this on Facebook yesterday where McDonald’s in Japan has cherry blossom-inspired ads and wrappers. What other products could use some cherry blossoms?


Easter Weekend / Semana Santa / Seville & Granada, Spain

Easter Weekend / Rouketopolemos (Church Rocket War) / Vrontados, Greece ~ Do not attempt at home.

Easter Weekend / Scoppio del Carro (Explosion of the Cart) / Florence, Italy

March 26-April 10 / Spring Festival / Nürnberg, Germany / China – How beautiful!

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Products, practices and perspectives! Reading about these events inspired so many ideas for me. There are plenty of tweets, webpages, ads and infographics in the target language to read and hear. The pictures are amazing and will definitely spark some curiosity. In the end, these events can inspire a product or project where students can apply some 21st Century skills. Here’s one last post that I wrote last year with some lesson ideas: Celebrate Spring!

PLEASE add your favorite March topics and any related TL resources in the comments below! Also check our Chispas page for authentic resources in Spanish that we have collected already.

Resources: Lonely Planet Travel Tips for March / Huffington Post Where to go in March / Featured image from