Except for that dreaded Daylight Savings Time change, spring is amazing! The crocuses are popping through the leftover snow and the sun warms you during a brisk walk. All this and more proves why the world celebrates spring! Take a glance at some different celebrations…

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.15.52 PM

Las Fallas, Travel Channel, 2015

The pictures are beautiful for these celebrations! Check out this collection from the Travel Channel. These could start some good conversations about comparisons and inferences.

Student cultures: Do you have any “spring celebrations?” What do you celebrate? When? How? With whom? What kinds of decorations? Why? What kind of representations are there? (eggs = new)

Other cultures: What do you see? Where do you think this festival is happening? Why? What is similar to your culture? What is different? What about representations? Common themes?


Busqueda Primavera

You could let students draw different countries, research and then share with a quick presentation about spring celebrations. Then give them a map, a graphic organizer and do a gallery walk for written presentations or Pecha Kucha for spoken presentations.


Here are some Spring celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Primavera Sound, fiesta ‘indie’ / Barcelona, España / entre el 22 y el 26 de mayo 


Equinoccio de primavera / México / 20 o 21 de marzo


Las Fallas / Valencia, España / marzo


Semana Santa / España / entre el 29 de marzo de 2015 y el 6 de abril de 2015


La Fiesta de los Patios / Córdoba, España / entre el 8 y el 19 de mayo


Cerezo en flor / Valle del Jerte, España


Just because it is for spring, doesn’t mean it happens when the U.S. celebrates it!

Festival Internacional de la Primavera / Trujillo, Peru / Mes de septiembre o octubre de cada año

What SPRING CELEBRATIONS do you talk about in class? Please share below!