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  1. Rose Potter

    I attended most of your presentation on Sat afternoon. You both did a wonderful job. I am 110% supportive of your “explore to discover” approach to building language skills. I plan to share your blog with my students, future teachers of a variety of LOTE, tomorrow.

    I was sorry to have to leave early! (I had to present myself). Keep up the innovation!

    • Kara Parker

      Thanks for coming and share away! On the right sidebar, there is a “Search the Topics” dropdown menu. We have lots of activities and ideas under those categories to help lesson planning. I still go there, especially the ones under “Mode/Skill”, when I feel like I need to mix up my plans a little. I don’t know if you saw this in the session, but we also have the “Chispas” page full of 200+ authres for Spanish class. http://www.creativelanguageclass.com/chispas Good luck shaping those future LOTE teachers!


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