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  1. Kristi Blakemore

    I am teaching a Hispanic culture class next year and am lost and overwhelmed at the number of things I could cover in 18 weeks. Could you help me out? What culture resources do you have? I have taught Spanish for 10 years, but this class will be taught in English and will cover all Spanish-speaking countries. HELP PLEASE!

    • Kara Parker

      Hi Kristi! Megan and I just talked about how complete freedom is awesome and overwhelming. Two years ago, I had a Hispanic Humanities class which was a dream to me. It was very project-based and I owe a big thanks to Yanay Feria who helped me plan this. Here were my units: What is culture? (covered aspects of culture), Art, Music, Dance, Food, Holidays. I picked one country to always use as the teaching/input. I picked Spain because I knew it best. After that, they picked different countries or a specific style to then research and present to class. It was very hands on (made art, danced, sang, played instruments, created a party planning board to represent a holiday with Latin-inspired decorations, appetizers, music, etc)! I would love to do posts about this one day when I gather all my pictures and resources. The students left with a general overview of the major topics. I taught it in Spanish/English. We had native speakers too that really enriched the conversations.

    • Kara Parker

      Hey Pam! We are putting that information under “Calendar” tab on the homepage at the top. Where are you located?

  2. Olivia Bradley

    Hi Kara and Megan,

    I teach at a private school in Los Altos Hills, California and I was wondering if you guys do on-site workshops. We have a professional development day on January 4th, 2016 and we were hoping you could come to present on the proficiency-based classroom.

    Please let me know if this is something you do, if you are available and the cost for a one day workshop.

    Thanks for your time,

    Olivia Bradley

    • Kara Parker

      We definitely do on-site workshops! We just finished up one in Korea. 🙂 I’ll email you to discuss details.

  3. Kathleen


    It looks like your transitioning to a proficiency based class workshop would be a perfect fit for the needs of our World Language Department. Could you please contact me about possibly coming to NH.

    Thank you

  4. Anita Collins

    Hello, I would like to attend your PD classes–transitioning to proficiency, zoom in on culture, snapshots and selfies, and developing authentic lessons, but a password is required for most of them. How can I sign up? I’m in Dallas, Texas

    • Megan Smith

      Hey Anita! These pages are actually set up for teachers to access after they have attended a conference or workshop with us. We presented at TFLA last year and we’re working with a few districts in Texas this year, but not in Dallas. If your school or district is considering new PD opportunities we would be happy to talk to them! If not, we do offer 1-on-1 coaching! Email us if you’d like to talk!

  5. Samantha Vazquez

    Did Anita Collins find what she is looking for? I need that too and I live an hour or so away from her.

  6. Kasey Lane

    Are you available for me to come watch you in action? Or do you have any videos of you teaching? I have been to so many workshops on different things, and I hear the great ideas, but I want to see it in ACTION!!!! I want to see the speaker doing it, not just telling HOW to do it, or how wonderful it is. I am a visual person, and I need to have a model to follow. Especially on engaging students. All these wonderful ideas, like the stations, but that is very time-consuming, and it is very difficult when I teach Spanish I and II mixed up. I need help!!!:) I’ve been doing this a long time, but I can’t seem to keep the kids engaged much past the “Honeymoon” time. How do you make sure the kids are speaking Spanish when they are in pairs or groups? I can’t be everywhere. Do you take off points for not speaking Spanish? Then do they quit talking at all?

    I have many questions that I would love to ask you.

    • Kara Parker

      I understand Kasey! I also had mixed level classes and seriously, stations saved me! We are not in the classroom this year, but I have a few videos of me teaching. I have one of setting up stations and one leading a QA (teaching language through culture). Email us about some options: We do one-on-one coaching where I would show the videos and would dig in deep on your questions as we talk it out. Every situation is different and you can to figure out how to make it fit your students/situation.

  7. Maria Pilar Tompkins

    I am really interested in your workshops, now I am teaching via vidyo long distance learning but still I like to have fun with students, dance,joke and make my class interesting, you guys are that for me, please, let me know how your workshops are, ironically I like to be in the place in order to learn.

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