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Since 2015, Kara and Megan have been working with teachers full-time at department trainings, district PDs, and one-on-one online coaching. They have worked across the United States as well as several countries throughout Asia. Their trainings unite language programs and help teachers by showing how they (as classroom teachers) implemented proficiency: creating performance-based assessments, learning to grade with a common rubric, developing engaging lessons inspired by the target culture, and improving curriculum.


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Ramsey Public Schools, January 2017 – NJ

“Best workshop we ever had!” “Wow!” “I can’t wait to make changes!”  These are some quotes from teacher feedback forms after our PD workshop with Megan & Kara.  As a department, we have been studying and discussing proficiency and best practices in world language instructional settings for quite some time.  Megan & Kara shared their innovative approach to developing authentic lessons and measuring student growth with proficiency rubrics.  So many teachers have said everything is starting to “click” now! Teachers are leading with culture, setting and sharing daily communicative goals, and embracing new approaches to grading.  Megan & Kara were dynamic presenters that easily connected with teachers and the daily teaching experience. We can’t wait to have the come back!

Ruthanne Cairoli

Supervisor of World Languages & ELL at Ramsey Public Schools, MA

BOLT, November 8, 2016 – MA

I am a 20+ year veteran teacher who is just starting to learn about the Proficiency-based classroom.  Prior to Megan and Kara’s workshop, I had a limited amount of training about the proficiency-based classroom approach to language learning, but had not done much work with the practical, what-it-looks-like-on-the-ground.  Kara and Megan were exactly what I needed.  They presented in an entertaining manner that engaged the audience in an inclusive manner, meeting each participant at his or her level of experience.  Our particular workshop focused on Culture, which provided an easy entry point into trying out a proficiency-based approach without changing one’s entire approach to teaching.  I enthusiastically recommend them for professional development training.

Dan Bouvier

President, Berkshire Organization of Language Teachers

Spanish Teacher, Monument Mountain Regional High School


Jakarta Intercultural School, September 18-21 2016 – Jakarta, Indonesia

I already did the activities with the writing rubric (the JIS story) and the kids got it [proficiency levels] and are becoming familiar with its use. We are already using the stamp worksheet as a review sheet and evaluation of their learning throughout the unit. So thank you, thank you; it is a work in process and it is working indeed.

Laure Kruger

Middle School French Teacher at Jakarta Intercultural School, Jakarta Indonesia



Santa Rosa City Schools, March 28, 2016 – CA

As a teacher who has “ditched my textbook”, I was dying to spend more time with you. I love your style of teaching and I am ready to revamp again.

Carol Kovatch

Middle School Spanish Teacher in Santa Rosa County, CA


BOLT, Oct 9, 2015 – Berkshire County, MA

I first heard about Megan and Kara and the Creative Language Class through a friend in the Middlebury Language Schools. I began following their blog and really started to get excited about the ideas they had about proficiency-based instruction. At their Zoom into Culture workshop, they helped bring to light all of my wildest dreams for teaching and instructing students in a way that takes the focus away from “What’s my grade?” and that centers it more on “How can I communicate more?”. Their workshop also helped me identify my areas of strength and weakness in what I had already attempted to do to make the shift in instruction and what was still left in the dark ages. It then sparked an internal roller coaster between anxiety of changing what I had already been working on for years and the new excitement of knowing that my students might actually get excited about learning a new language! Kara and Megan made this roller coaster bearable through their dynamic presentations, their encouragement in the breakout sessions, and how approachable they both are as individuals. I am looking forward to attending more of their workshops in the future to continue this journey!

Maria A. Barbaglia

Spanish Teacher, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

EARCOS / Korea International School, Aug 22-23, 2015 – Seoul, Korea

I went to the [EARCOS] workshop in Korea which in my opinion it was fantastic. I can’t stop using your website and ideas.

Raquel Parra Tong

Middle/High School Teacher at Concordia International School, Shanghai, China