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Watch Holiday Commercials

Binge watching good commercials can be just as entertaining as the shows! Thanks to the #langchat community, here are some great videos to get you started. Plus I added a few follow up activities that you can use immediately.

Listen to (and learn) new holiday music!

Music is a big part of holiday traditions and I love how each culture has unique songs that connect to the season. There’s nothing wrong with Jingle Bells, but I like to expose students to music that is really original…

Celebrate a Character

Who is that?! And he did what? Beyond the many versions of Santa, check out these characters from all over the world. Grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy!

Try a Traditional Treat

Let’s start with some authentic resources for Japanese, ASL, French, Spanish and German that will get the conversation started! Check them out to inspire your lessons and to learn a little about this wonderful world.

A Class “Bucket List” Challenge

Ready for a fun challenge?! These bucket list challenges are all over Pinterest so we thought we would make one for the language class. All those little experiences helps make class engaging and adds a touch of culture. The next posts…

Tasting Station

The last two years I’ve done a lesson about turrón because Ivonne, my teacher friend, introduced me to this delicious tradition from her Cuban family. Her memories about it were so precious! Here is a holiday lesson (including authentic resources, activities and a quick…

Agree or Disagree?

As a former control freak in the classroom, I’m finding that if I let them talk to each other, then they have already talked more than if I controlled the questioning and answering. So here’s an activity to let go of…

Celebrating “La Navidad” – videos for class

I love celebrating holidays in class because it is full of language and learning – not a break from it! Here are a few videos that Kara and I use in class to share culture and practice listening skills.

Get ’em on their feet!

Here’s an idea that Kara and I have been playing around with in our classes. We were inspired by a comment from Robyn a while back. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Most classrooms have the teacher up and…