Many of you are on Spring Break or it’s coming up soon. That day before… only half would show up and only half of those were in the mood to do anything. When looking through old pictures, I saw some where we had made and busted cascarones on the day before Spring Break. I think that was the highest attendance day I’ve ever had on a Friday before break! Here are a few resources and activities to fill in some extra “hyper” days (or turn into a sub plan if needed!).

I was surprised to learn about the prevalence of eggs in many of the world’s spring celebrations. I’ve always stuck to casacarones (and they are not just for spring), but there seems to be variations for most other cultures too. This is a great read! Find out what traditional “spring eggs” your TL culture has and you can adapt the rest of these ideas to that.


There are tons of videos and articles about making (or breaking!) cascarones in the target language. Either you or they can bring in the supplies and they can make them in class while following the video. This video is probably best for younger students, but she is adorable!

Another for the younger ones, a bilingual book. How sweet!

A good debate for upper levels! Cascarones Unsafe?!


When I assign any non-language tasks, I’m learning to send that as homework. They can research or read a great article that would be above their TL level. Here are some I like.

For middle school or younger:

Love her personal story of cascarones and how they are used in the U.S.

Beautiful pictures of Carnaval!


When doing a project in class, I find the best ones have these:

  • creatively solve a “problem”
  • show what they have learned (language AND culture)

First students were paired up and researched a different spring celebration.


Then they will get this challenge!


They can draw it (great sub/homework lesson) or create it for real- my preference!


When I didn’t do the above project, I still liked to give them a little extra inspiration to take it to the next level whether they do it in class or they create them as an optional homework  Pinterest has a ton. Check out these creative ideas!


Luchador inspired:

And glittered:

BREAKING THEM – aka Best Part

And of course we break them on Friday… SUERTE!

Note: I like to make our eggs eco-friendly by using flour or birdseed to fill them. Also I bring in shower caps and bags for us who care about our hair. 😉


Not even the teacher is safe from a little Suerte!

Not even the teacher is safe from a little Suerte!


I know this post is a little last minute. I just ran across the picture above that reminded me of this sweet experience. If not this year, maybe next!

Featured photo is from this site: