The end of the year is near and I’m not going to lie, I’m already thinking about next year. Slowly I’ve been reorganizing and regrouping my resources from my different classrooms. I’m really trying to organize my units. Here are some ideas I’m pondering.

File Cabinet o’ Files
I have a file for each unit and I color coded the classes by level. When the curriculum (themes and topics) changes, I can just move the papers to the correct file.

Unit Binders
I put a label on each binder with my lesson plans and activities. I put sheet protectors inside to hold resources, pictures, games and all those little activities.

Crate o’ Files
Since I’m on a cart, I found that this worked when I had 1 prep in 1 classroom. I put all the lesson plans, activities, props and resources for one unit in a crate. The only negative is that I had to go to it at the end of the day to prepare for the next day.

If any of you out there are developing your curriculum, I want to beg you to think about the cart teachers. If possible align your curriculum so level 1 and 2 have similar units. For example: if level 1 is learning about restaurants, level 2 can learn about food too, just in more detail. If level one is doing family, level 2 can do celebrations.

So help us out! How do you organize your unit plans, resources and activities??