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First Days, First Impressions

There’s a lot to do the first week of class, but what we choose to include in our first lessons really shows our students what we value most. I want students to walk away with an experience with the language and a positive impression of language learning…starting on day one! The purpose of this first-day
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World Language Syllabus for Proficiency

I’m starting to see teachers on social media heading back to school! Where did the summer go?? The syllabus can be one way to set proficiency expectations at the beginning. We have a template for you to download and modify so you can focus on the fun things like decorating the classroom.

Spanish, French, German… oh my! (more downloads)

Do your students understand your questions? It’s easy for students to get most of what you say but miss the QUESTION word! For example: _________ did you eat? The question could have easily been… when, where, with whom, or why. The question words are important… and they take practice! That’s why we love these simple question
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Tell me how you really feel!

If we want students using the target language at the start of a new year (especially at the novice level), then we have to have resources to encourage it. I’d ask students “¿Cómo estás?” and most really wanted to answer me in Spanish. Without help though, they’d scramble up the easiest response (bien) OR jump
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Greet Them at the Door

Thinking about decorating your classroom or cart? Or using Target Language from day 1? We have something that will do both! It’s a post from the past and we still love it, so we gave it a fresh update for the new year. We hope you ♥love♥ today’s #free #DailyDownload!

Keep It Simple: Classroom Decor

It’s almost August and suddenly teachers are feeling the heat (not just these 100 degree temperatures)! It’s really easy to get caught up in bulletin boards, Pinterest boards, supplies, ideas… and it can be overwhelming. There is so much you COULD do. Not, there is so much you NEED to do. Today, let’s simplify classroom decor.
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TBT: The Welcome to Class

This is a class routine from the beginning of time by Megan that I still love. Post #43 to be exact. Enjoy a little “Throwback Thursday”!

FYI…Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Whether you’re a brand new teacher, new to proficiency, or simply trying new things this year… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you have a great lesson that inspires (and requires) more time on the next lesson. Other times, a lesson or new idea falls flat leaving you scratching your head for how to improve
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Learning Through Experiences

Most of my memories from school come from field trips, experiments, and after school events. Good or bad, I don’t remember a lot of specific  “lessons.” I don’t think I am alone on this. Getting hands-on and experiencing something new – that is what learning is all about!


WOW! It is simply amazing how much World Language teachers do to prepare for the first week. Many hours perusing the back-to-school aisles, revamping old lesson plans (or creating new ones!), and planning for everything. Megan and I pulled past posts that will help make that first week amazing!