Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Food, family, football, friends and leftovers. I have described my traditions in Spanish several times to new friends. Here’s a little about what I do in class.


I can talk about Thanksgiving.
This year I gave this goal sheet to my students. They are working on each of the goals at their own pace and putting evidence of their learning on their blogs. If you don’t have blogs, try Edmodo or another share site. We have done some of the activities together, like the Cena de Pavo song and talking about their favorite foods. On the last day before break, I’ll give a presentational writing or speaking assessment to see what they have learned.


I can sing “Cena de Pavo.”
Here’s the video of the “Cena de Pavo” song (lyrics by Megan). PLEASE DON’T show this in your class! This video is for teachers only! Deal?? Afterwards, students add a second verse (with actions) and share with the class. Always a fun day!
Cena de pavo

I can say what I’m thankful for.
I’m going to do a day on “saying thanks” by first showing some “gracias por” images from Google. Next they will find their own and put on their blog. Finally they will write “Thank you” letters to someone ( or write it on a leaf for the “Arbol de gracias” (Thanks tree) bulletin board that one group of students made.

I can say what I love, like and hate to eat on Thanksgiving.
I found some infographics that show the vocabulary. I’ll never give a vocab list again now that I have these. I will do a “four corners” activity first. I will hang one sign in each corner of the room (“I love,” “I like,” “I hate” and “I don’t know”). I will show a picture and say it, and then they will go to the corner that represents their feelings. Once there, they will talk with their group to come up with reasons why and write it on the dry-erase board. Then I’ll say another word. Lastly they will “sort” the foods into the four categories in their notes.

I can talk about traditional activities.
I will show them some input using tweets about Thanksgiving. There are also some videos about cooking turkey in Spanish that I may play. Then they will find tweets, videos and/or infographics that represent what they do with their families and friends.

We hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends! We are very THANKFUL for our awesome community here on CLC!



If you want the unit, ready to teach, click on the image.