While helping an ESL student in class, I fell in love with this activity to encourage speaking in a creative and fun way.

1. Students are in small groups.
2. They have a bucket of some random pictures cut out from a magazine.
3. They create a short story using the pictures.
4. Each group shares their story with the class.

I noticed that when they did this, they had to use transition words to make the pictures work together. They also enjoyed listening to each others’ stories and showing the pictures.

Here’s the story this group made up:
“The girl with the yellow umbrella took a picture of the little boy at karate. He took his vitamins every day so he was strong enough to knock down his Lego tower. There was bacteria all over the Legos, so the three sisters cleaned them off with Clorox wipes.”

To adapt this, my students can use present tense and may not have as many details, unless they want to look it up. I will also encourage them to use their 100 word list (see post “Little Words make a Big Impact“) while creating.

Pushing their proficiency level
New words
Group work
Talking and listening
Students laughing while learning!

Any other ideas to enhance this activity or adapt it?