According to the education gurus, an experience (like movies, field trips and guests) is the best way to increase student motivation. I’ve found this to be extremely true with my students, especially during testing week. This week I will be sharing my plans for two movies: “Selena” (Level 1) and “In the Time of the Butterflies” (Level 2). I will focus on how to use a movie in English to increase the TL skills. I hope you will share your ideas as we go too.




First I like to look at the 5Cs to see how I can really expand the experience.


Here is my first brainstorm paper. Not perfect, but it helps me get started.


Next I make a stamp sheet. Even if I don’t stamp each one daily, it helps the students to know what they will be doing.


Lastly, I watch the movie to decide where to start and stop each day. I try to leave them on a cliffhanger each day. I know, cruel. But my attendance is great the week I show the movie! Yes, I try to stretch it out for at least a week with the movie, and another week afterwards.
Day 1: Stop after they say Sinita was not seen at school anymore.
Day 2: Stop after she slaps Trujillo.
Day 3: Stop after she doesn’t get diploma.
Day 4: Stop after Mate passes rolled paper.
Day 5: Finish.

Read the next post for some specific activities.
How do you connect the 5Cs to a movie?