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Unit Vocabulary “Lists” – not created by the teacher

Thought I’d share two simple ways I changed vocabulary lists as I transitioned to a more learner-centered class. Read on for the download and some tips to use them!

One Thing I Will Stop Doing Now

Recently I was in China and I was reminded what it was like to be a novice language learner. I tried doing some apps and lists to help me get a small set of words before I left. I was frustrated because these apps have predetermined what I needed to know. Do I really need
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Flyswatter Game ALL in the TL

The flyswatter game has always been a student favorite, and a great activity to add to the lesson plan on those hyper days – oh you know, like pep rally days, full moon days or the day before a break. However, the original game is based on translating words or conjugating with verb endings. Here are 3 ways
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What’s the Function (Vocab)?

As I moved away from making and giving vocabulary lists, I had to focus on the function vocabulary instead of the seemingly endless detail vocabulary. Here’s how I looked at the unit goals to decide what vocabulary they really needed to accomplish those goals during the lesson plans.

Word Walls for World Language

A past principal asked us to have a word wall up for each unit. My mind was racing. Isn’t that an elementary thing? Do you know how long it takes to make a bulletin board?? And now for each unit! We learn SO much vocabulary, so which words do I pick? How will I keep up? And
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3 Quick and Easy Reading Forms

Having generic forms has been a major timesaver when working with authentic resources. I used to rack my brain to come up with questions for each article or infographic I found… not anymore! I save my specific questions for our discussions AFTER reading. These are three easy forms I use with news articles, reviews or
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Funky Character Maps

Now they need a task while watching the movie. A character map worked perfectly this time for my classes. Furthermore, it connects to English Arts and my unit on describing people. In fact, Selena worked so well, I don’t think I’ll ever teach a unit based solely on family anymore. My students prefer not to
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Stretch their vocab!

Cómico. Interesante. Loco. Those are the words my students always use to describe themselves… and their friends…and their school…and the video clips I show them. Ha! It can be hard to encourage some students to expand their vocabulary. If they know a few cognates for each unit topic they can still answer questions/give basic info.
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Babble on…

Spring Break always seems to go by so quickly! I sit here in a mini-depression that my free time is over and back to work I go. But don’t get me wrong, I love teaching! So now I’m trying to thing of a way to motivate them, and myself, back into learning. I decided to
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Great Minds Think Alike

During winter break, I played some games with my niece and nephew. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Cheese Touch Game” had several parts to it. Here is one set of the original cards.