I try to offer a variety of reading for students – it stretches them to see new things and connects to more kids! Articles, infographics, tweets… if native speakers are reading it, then I’m going to consider using it for my classes. Here’s an interactive reading that has been catching my eye lately. In fact, it is serious click-bait and it gets me every time! ONLINE QUIZZES!

What color is your personality? Are you a taco expert? Which Harry Potter character are you?

Once I see the title… I have to know the answer. Guess what happens if I don’t like the results… yep, I take it again. There are a lot of inappropriate quizzes out there, but if you get the right one, it’s gold. Here’s a quiz I put together for our “Casas” unit. Want to join the fun? Find out…What’s your ideal home?

You can also access the quiz here: https://www.riddle.com/view/137999

How do you feel about your results?

Would you like to live there?

It’s good for the world language classroom – here’s why. Students are reading and input with the language in context. There is no right answer so you can’t “fail”. Kids are really curious to see what they will get AND what their will friends get. It gives them something to talk about after and they will probably want to take it again.

I made this one to be used with Novice or Intermediate students, but I think it would be even better for students to make one themselves.

This is a real job somewhere you know! Someone is getting paid to make interesting quizzes… why not our students? Challenge them to make a quiz that a native speaker would want to take (not a class vocabulary quiz). It requires language skills, creativity, and cultural knowledge.

What do you think? How would you use it in class?

Ready to make your own? There’s a quick explanation below!

Making a quiz on RIDDLE.com is pretty easy, but it does take some time to think through the process.

You start with your big question…  What’s your ideal home? What (target language) celebrity should be your best friend?

Then plan out your outcomes… this quiz has 13 (castles, beach houses, yacht)  in a variety of Spanish-speaking cities around the world!

Write a few questions that would help you figure out an outcome… then connect outcomes to each answer.


Hope that helps! If you make a great quiz – share it with us all in a comment below!