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Digital Highlighting Activity

Highlighting is one of my top go-to interpretive reading activities. Today I will review an app for Apple devices and Chrome. Let’s see how highlighting can go digital!

A Quiz They Will Want To Take!

I try to offer a variety of reading for students – it stretches them to see new things and connects to more kids! Articles, infographics, tweets… if native speakers are reading it, then I’m going to consider using it for my classes. Here’s an interactive reading that has been catching my eye lately. In fact,
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Are you up for the (infographic) challenge?

Published Jan 12, 2016 – Contest is over, but here’s the post just in case you want to reference it to do in your own class. It’s no secret… we love INFOGRAPHICS! They are a perfect source for quick comprehensible input for language learners of all levels. They’re also a creative way for students to show
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Come close, it’s time for a story!

I have a gem of an idea here for your today, thanks to my friend Denise. It’s an awesome (FREE) storytelling app called…

There’s an APP for that! — (For them)

Fluency21- Committed Sardine Blog got me thinking this week. Their post was titled “Smartphones in the classroom? Sure, with these top apps…” Here’s what they posted… Whether teachers like it or not, students are going to use cell phones in their classrooms. A University of New Hampshire studyrevealed that 65 percent of surveyed students said
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What to do when no one raises their hand…

Published Feb. 2013 I usually have a few students that are dying to speak out in class. Then I have the other situation. I know you all know what I mean. The fear in the eyes of your students that says “Don’t make me go first!” or “Don’t you dare say my name, ain’t nobody got time
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20 Questions!

Ahhh… I love this game! It reminds me of long road trips, lazy summers days when Mom locked us kids out of the house, what I played with Dad when I missed curfew… 20 questions has been around forever!

Toca Boca apps

Level two is talking about routines and I found an app to liven it up. Toca Boca has a free app called “Hair Xmas.” My high school students had a blast playing with this app! I had a note sheet on the board (above) to use as a reference, because they were learning these new
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Tiny Tap App

My friend Josh D. (French teacher) told me about this free Tiny Tap app the other day that he got from a TPRS share site. Basically you load a picture and record a spoken question. You circle the answer and it creates a little game. At first I thought that it was a great idea,
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Get your students blogging!

  Blogging isn’t a new thing. I have known about it for years, but until I started I had no idea how neat it was. I work with great teachers, but it’s nice to connect with others outside of my school and district. Blogging lets me do that. I love reading great posts  from others and sharing a fun idea
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