Introducing my “PRÁCTICA con PREGUNTAS” can. It’s a great way for students to practice asking & answering questions in the target language. Each time we learn something new, I put a new question in the can. This makes a great station (or maybe you call them “centers”) where students can draw questions at random and just have a conversation in target language.

*My next project will be to color code the questions- BASIC INFO questions in green, OPINION questions in blue, DESCRIPTION questions in RED… and then have students pick 1 of each color to answer to me for a little speaking quiz. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

I can’t help but think how this would work for review questions in any subject and a much more personal touch instead of reviewing with the WHOLE class.

Resources: old coffee can, questions, and fun label

Kara’s note: I printed the questions and left it as a sub plan once for them to answer on paper. It really helped my novice students more comfortable when we used them the next day for a speaking activity. We have put a few of these “Tarjetas de Preguntas” in el Mercado if you need a quick sub plan.