Have a can of questions for students to practice ANYTIME!

Posted by Megan Smith on January 24, 2012 in Speaking, Sub Plans

Introducing my “PRÁCTICA con PREGUNTAS” can. It’s a great way for students to practice asking & answering questions in the target language. Each time we learn something new, I put a new question in the can. This makes a great station (or maybe you call them “centers”) where students can draw questions at random and just have a conversation in target language.

*My next project will be to color code the questions- BASIC INFO questions in green, OPINION questions in blue, DESCRIPTION questions in RED… and then have students pick 1 of each color to answer to me for a little speaking quiz. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

I can’t help but think how this would work for review questions in any subject and a much more personal touch instead of reviewing with the WHOLE class.

Resources: old coffee can, questions, and fun label

Kara’s note: I printed the questions and left it as a sub plan once for them to answer on paper. It really helped my novice students more comfortable when we used them the next day for a speaking activity. We have put a few of these “Tarjetas de Preguntas” in el Mercado if you need a quick sub plan.

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4 comments for “Have a can of questions for students to practice ANYTIME!”

  1. Gracias and arigatoo! Love all of your ideas (and want to know where you get your great fonts and backgrounds.) Happy 2015 and thanks for sharing.

  2. Kara says:

    Welcome! My favorite font site is 1001freefonts.com. Tons to look at! Backgrounds come from my own pics, screenshots from videos we watch in class and good ol’ Google images. I usually fade/lower transparency on the pics a little bit when I put them as a background. I took a photography class once that has helped me look for images that are focused in a graphic way. I would love to learn more so I can take better photos myself.

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