Published Feb. 2013

I usually have a few students that are dying to speak out in class. Then I have the other situation. I know you all know what I mean. The fear in the eyes of your students that says “Don’t make me go first!” or “Don’t you dare say my name, ain’t nobody got time for that!” while the rest avoid eye contact like you are Medusa.

Well, here’s a great solution. I stumbled across this app from some tech resources @

 The app is called PIKME and it has 3 really great features.

  1. You can randomly “pick” a student. You can organize your students in alphabetical order or random. When you swipe the screen, the next students name/face will pop up. I connected my phone to the projector so my kids could see who was next without me having to call them. Instead of that “you’re picking on me” look, they seemed to be okay with being “picked” since my phone did the deciding!

2.) You can randomly select groups! Yeah!

No more counting through the class and having half the kids forget their number 🙂

3.) You can rate responses and track absences/tardies. 

Nice info to have for parents. You can rate responses on a 5 star scale. I think rating EVERY response is a little tedious and it’s not natural to always respond in paragraphs but I do like this feature. I’m thinking the 5 stars can be the proficiency scale (no response* Novice Low** Novice Mid*** Novice High**** Intermediate Low*****).

rate your students speaking skills

Check out Pikme app at your iTunes or Android store! It’s got a lot of potential for the world language class! Gotta love anything that makes our lives easier! – Note: It is not available on an iPad, but it is on an iPhone.