Today’s post is just a quick one. I like to shadow some of the educational chats that happen each week on Twitter. It inspires me to hear from educators and principals who are passionate about helping students learn and really making a difference in their lives! Here are my favorite tweets from this week! WARNING: These might make you think!


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I love this! Dave goes on to say how “GREAT” teachers are storytellers, and there is power in a good story because it speaks to your mind AND your heart! I’ve hated classes where the teacher talked too much (bad lecture) and weren’t actively involved, but I’ve also had story- teller teachers that got me hooked and excited to hear more! Not all that is traditional is bad, just like not all that is new is good!


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Pretty straightforward, right?!? What a good reminder! We need to take some responsibility when results aren’t what they should be. Don’t be afraid to try something new if what you are doing isn’t working! Check out Dr. Justin’s post here…


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There is a lot of focus on test scores and assessment results right now. Don’t limit learning by confining it to your classroom (or the book or the test). How can we empower students and foster creativity? What language and cultural experiences can your students get during your class?

Thanks to @burgessdave, @justintarte, and @sjunkins for their tweets!

Any inspiring or thought provoking comments you would like to share? Post them below! Let’s be better together!