Level two is talking about routines and I found an app to liven it up. Toca Boca has a free app called “Hair Xmas.” My high school students had a blast playing with this app!


I had a note sheet on the board (above) to use as a reference, because they were learning these new phrases. Each student had the app open, I gave directions in Spanish, and they “did” what I said. Then I turned it to them. With a partner, one person described what they wanted, and the other did it. Then they created their own, took a picture, and wrote a description of how to get this “look.” If you have limited iPads, these activities would be a great station.


The next day I gave a “pop” reading assessment to see what stuck. They seemed to be having too much fun instead of learning. I gave the directions (above) and they created the photos using the same app. I was amazed at the results. All students met my expectations! No one exceeded, but I was impressed that they recognized all of that in less than 25 minutes of practice from the previous day. No studying either.


Later I got the “Monster” and “Hair Salon” apps. I can see how I can use these in a similar way during other units. The paid version of “Hair Salon” has a cute shower and shampoo. I know these apps were made for children, but we (including myself) had so much fun playing around. Once you use the blow dryer, you’ll understand!


The Toca Boca company has graciously given us one free promo code for the Hair Salon to give away. Email us your idea on how you would use any of the Toca Boca apps in class. Our favorite idea will win the free download! Due by this Sunday.

Other apps by Toca Boca: