ACTFL 2016 is winding down and I have one quick idea to give those conferences lanyards a second life that CHALLENGES (not forces) students to stay in the target language.


Collect conference lanyards and put the title in your TL.

A Chinese teacher in South Korea showed us this idea. When students come in, they can choose to take a “Master of Chinese” sign. I prefer using the lanyards to protect the sign and I can see it better hanging around their neck. This sign indicates that they are going to challenge themselves to stay the target language the entire class.


My ACTFL 2015 lanyard

If they try to get away with just being silent all class, she will make sure that she asks them more questions than the others. If they speak in English, she takes the sign away. If they stay in the language all class, it counts as a homework for them (You can change how it counts in your class). I love that students were choosing to challenge themselves to stay in the language! This is one way you could motivate them to use the language and see that they can do it.

So now is the chance to gather a ton of unwanted lanyards to give them a new purpose!