I’m teaching a unit about relationships in one of my classes and one of our objectives is to be able to say thanks or sorry for something specific. I was thinking about how I could explain how easy this is… so I started making a powerpoint. Then I realized, I don’t need to explain this. I can just show them!

I went to google images and searched these phrases in Spanish. We looked at about 20 of these and my students had the input they needed and were ready to use it correctly themselves! Kara uses this example… “I don’t need to know how an engine works to drive a car.” I spared my students the explanation, and they simply learned the skill.

Here are some of the images…

Just for practice in the TL, I had a slide that had them do a little role play. I told them (in the TL)  “I’m your mom! Can you say thanks for something I did for you this week?!?” Then, “I’m your best friend…” Then, “It’s my birthday and you didn’t call!” We all laughed at some of their “I’m sorry” excuses! One said… “Sorry for being blonde!” 🙂

What would have been boring on it’s own, was really fun just because of the images that brought the language to life! Yeah for the internet!