Megan and I are excited to attend the TELL COLLAB, a unique “unconference” in Austin, TX. Find out what makes this conference different from the others.

tell collar

Here’s what makes the TELL Collab different…

tell collab

Makes me think about how all this could work in the classroom?? Hmm…

I am most interested to see how these activities will go.




tell collab

I went to one of Thomas Sauer’s “unconferences” in Kentucky several years ago. I gained new ideas galore, time to create, new language friends, reflection time, some new tech skills and freedom to learn without fear! The TELL COLLAB website has great information if you want more details or if you are ready to join us!

The TELL Project website is another great resource for teacher reflection and growth. “The mission of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project is to define what effective language teachers do and facilitate their growth to prepare for, advance and support language learning. This is worth a whole other post just to explain how that has helped me professionally.

COERLL, The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, is also a big part of this event. It is a “National Foreign Language Resource Center whose mission is to develop and share open educational resources and practices for language education.” Check out their site too! 

Hope to see you there!