Decorative tapes are everywhere! Electrical, duct, washi, masking, wide, thin, transparent, solid, patterns and the list goes on. How can I justify buying these awesome tapes?


Here are a few ideas:
I used electrical tape to create the line for my rubric inspired by Megan’s bring rubric to life post.

20130819-084432 p.m..jpg

I found a Pinterest pin that inspired me to use duct tape to pretty up the edges on my old white boards. I wonder how long it will last with all the erasing?

20130820-063216 p.m..jpg

I like the look of showing the tape on purpose to hang items, just like in a scrapbook. This duct tape has a strong grip too. A student even told me “cool tape” today when she was hanging up her poster. The little details count, or at least make me cooler.

20130821-060912 p.m..jpg

Our Biology teacher, Elizabeth Barlow, used it as bulletin board borders and plain containers to hold pencils and supplies.

20130819-085637 p.m..jpg

How else could we use decorative tape? Any language activities?