I hope my last post about PowerPoints made you think about how you present vocabulary. I don’t want you to think I’m completely against Powerpoint. I did find a good use of my old vocabulary PP today based on Megan’s recent “memorizing” posts.


Under the “Print” button, I printed the PowerPoint as a “Handout” with “9 slides” per page. I copied the pages single-sided for the students. They cut out the pictures. Each slide has a picture and the question “Do you like to ?”


Then they sorted the pictures into 3 categories and put in their notebooks: What they LOVE to do, What they LIKE to do, and What they DON’T like to do. (My sample above is ripped out of my notebook for demonstration purposes.) The goal for today focused on the function of expressing how they feel about the activities, instead of the vocabulary specifically.

From the PowerPoint, I also made one set of large pictures printed in color without text and laminated them. I gave each student a picture. They did “Ask, Ask, Switch” with them. [Basically one student asks another, “Do you like to (whatever picture they had)?” The other answers, and then asks about their picture. The first one answers and they switch pictures. They find a new partner and repeat the process. See previous post for more details.]

During the Ask, Ask, Switch activity, it was interesting how easily they remembered the new words. If they didn’t know it, they helped each other or looked in their notebooks. I also like how we used very little English and translating during both of these activities. Did I mention that THEY were doing all the work in class?? 🙂 My one tweak: Next time I want to limit the vocabulary, like things to do alone, outside, or on the weekend. I gave too many at once. I’ll just tell them to leave some room in their notes to add more later.