If you have been following the last few posts then you know what I’m up to. This was my (very basic) mini sports unit plans.

Step 1: Listen about Hispanic athletes. (Comprehensible input)

Step 2: Read about Hispanic athletes. (Wikipedia)

Step 3: Talk about their own Hispanic athlete. (Presentations)

What now? Measure for growth!

After presentations, I wanted a TRUE sense of what their abilities were. How well can they communicate about Hispanic athletes? What did they really learn?

So I gave them an unannounced “quiz”. They groaned. I smiled.

This is what I found.

IMG_5835 IMG_5844 IMG_5839

They learned! They picked up vocab I was never going to teach them (bronze medalist?) and learned about a ton of Hispanic athletes! They talked about soccer players, boxers, baseball players both in and out of the US.  I love the personality that the third student shows! That scenario got her fired up. She WANTED to show off and she did!

A few kids didn’t meet the goal. They wrote a few words and said they don’t like sports. I gave them a “no measureable effort” for feedback and gave them the option of studying and retaking that little assessment.

My friend Elena taught me that “learning is a process.”

Sometimes its smooth, sometimes its messy. Enjoy the experience!