Megan posted before about giving students a Hispanic name and country that they are “from” to get students more interested. I wanted to add a little more culture based on some ideas from the comments, so I created passports with the flag as the background.

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First the input! We looked at Google images of passports from different countries and I showed mine. Most students in my class had never seen a passport before, nor did they know anything about them. They figured out the phrases in Spanish. We talked about the two last names, why there was no address, and how I couldn’t smile in my picture.

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Then they received their passports! I gave them a little Internet time to look at their new country and pick out a city for their place of birth. I loved hearing their comments about how they wanted to visit these places. Some figured out how to do their birthdays in the same format. I asked them to put their passports on their notebooks. Next time I will print out their school ID photos so they can add a photo.

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Finally they did an interpersonal speaking activity. I gave them a black/white printable map from Google. They asked each other “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?” The other answered and showed them where to label their map. ¡Aquí!

Summary of ideas:
– Pass out to students to be “from” this country.
– Use as name tags on notebooks and folders.
– Distribute during projects to assign different countries like the cookie cake flag or traditional recipe from the Real World homework.
– Fill out with information (celebrities or other people) for activities like asking for basic information, describing, or a “who am I” activity.
– Students fill out a map with their new names and countries (Interpersonal speaking).


Download blank passports for the Spanish-speaking countries here (updated for Jan 2018):

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