Published on: Aug 26, 2012

During my first two years of teaching a language, I noticed some patterns.

1.) Although I had big classes (around 30), about 5-10 students did the majority of speaking in class in the TL.

2.) Students got bored easily. I needed to change the activity/task every 10-15 minutes (especially with level one students) if I wanted them to stay engaged. I was always trying to stretch it out so more could participate.

3.) Some students were finishing tasks much faster than others, and would then be a distraction to those still working.

Have you seen these things in your classroom?

Have you wondered… “How do I fix this?”

One solution for me ending up being STATIONS! In the next few posts I’m going to show you what they look like in my classroom, each station’s purpose, and ideas of what students can do to learn in each station.

I have several set stations that I always include – what varies is the task.


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