Yikes! I just caught myself being naughty! I almost asked them to produce the language before they had meaningful input. But I caught my mistake so I hope Santa doesn’t put me on the list.

The students want to make cards in Spanish, so I started writing some simple directions for them to follow. Then it hit me. Where’s the learning? How will they know the phrases they need?


I searched “tarjetas navidad” (Christmas cards) on Google images and copied some that used different phrases. First I will ask them to tell me whose Facebook page they would put the picture to see if they can get the overall meaning of the picture. Some students will probably look up new words, while others will be content writing some phrases they understand. (Do you have other ideas how they can demonstrate their learning?)

Now they can make the cards with the new phrases from the “reading”. Even better, give them a real reason to write in the target language, like making the cards for local refugee organizations or send them abroad.

Santa says:

Oh, check your “list” twice, make sure your not naughty, but nice!
So students don’t go kaput, give plenty of meaningful input. 🙂