Skits are a great way to encourage students to be creative while using the language. But sometimes they fall flat. I talked to Letitia Usher, our Theater Arts teacher, and she gave me 4 great tips to amp up the skits.

1) Set the scene. Where are they?



2) Introduce the characters. Who are they?



3) Begin the plot. What’s the problem?



4) Add an emotion or personality trait. How do they act?



Emotion is what I was missing! I figured out that I can assign the same emotion for the entire class, or let them each draw a different emotion so each skit is different. Then, the students try to guess what emotions they see while watching. Adding this twist made them pay attention more.


Now I want a skit for every unit! I created this generic storyboard slide so I can easily prepare for a new one. Eventually I’ll give it to them to create their own. Maybe that’s a homework? And they take their own pictures to set it up?


What are some of your favorite types skits to use in class?

This blank storyboard is available in el Mercado.