It’s almost August and suddenly teachers are feeling the heat (not just these 100 degree temperatures)! It’s really easy to get caught up in bulletin boards, Pinterest boards, supplies, ideas… and it can be overwhelming.

There is so much you COULD do. Not, there is so much you NEED to do.

Today, let’s simplify classroom decor.

Sometimes less is more. Too much on shelves and walls can be a distraction. Plus, starting the year with less means you’ll have room to add more later. If I only had time/resources for a little classroom TLC, here’s where I’d start.

(Oh, and if you are a superstar and your classroom is already perfect… Yeahh! Keep inspiring the rest of us!)

1.) Cover your bulletin boards with just a background and something simple.

Start with butcher paper. Add a simple quote or a giant HELLO in your target language.

bulletin boards

Later you can add posters, student work, and culture. No need to spend so much time on it now!

2.) Post question word posters. 

Need a new set? These are fresh off the press – and you can download them here in Spanish or French! Enjoy!

(Tip: Print on cardstock paper – no shiny glares from lamination!)

whiteboard questions

These help us stay in the target language during lessons (both the teacher and students). I love having materials that represent the target culture AND are age appropriate.

image1 image3 image2

3.) Hang a large world map

Amazon sells this shower curtain map. We’ve both used this one! It’s easy to move and you can see it across the classroom! The only way it could get any better is if I could find it in Spanish! Anyone seen it?


This is a world map decal. It isn’t labeled, but that means you could do it in the target language! If you have a big, empty wall this would be amazing!

image2 (2)

That’s it! 3 simple steps to get your classroom set for a new year!