Published November 2013


In the beginning, I gave very grammar-focused tests. As my teaching style changed, I found that my tests didn’t match what we were doing in class.


Then I switched to performance assessments. I realized that they were great, but didn’t always show what they understood.


Then I started giving reading assessments that had several readings about what we had covered in the unit. I really struggled to grade these.


Finally, I took another leap and tried Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA). All of the skills and modes were previously separated, and now they were building on each other.


Great things are being revealed!


I begin by finding an authentic resource that I can weave through multiple modes and skills.


For an interpretive activity, I like to ask them about the main idea, the purpose, and specific details.  (2018 Update: This has changed to real life tasks and/or pulling information from this in order to talk about it later.)

This rubric works best for me right now, but I’m looking for other options. (2018 Update: I do not use this rubric any more. Most of the time, I do not assess the interpretive for a grade. It is the first step for them to gather information that they will use later.)


Interpersonal activities work best when they are using the information from the interpretive part. I try to recreate the situation as much as possible with props.


I use our JCPS performance rubric to measure this.


Then make it a writing assessment!



Another idea: watch a department store commercial, look at a sale flyer, and then they have a text conversation about the sale.


These two sites have some excellent IPAs!


This was all new for me to try this trimester. Now I’m ready to improve.