High Rigor and High Relevance! I can hear my assistant principal chanting this as I type it. High relevance, check! Authentic resources, target culture, and cultural comparisons help to keep the lessons relevant to their lives. High rigor… And stay in the target language??

This has been my recent mission. I observed several classes, such as Science, English, Art, and History, and I saw different examples of inference activities. Here’s a poster from Rachel Rice’s English class:


So I tried it in my class. I found that making inferences based on authentic videos and texts has pushed my students to higher level thinking while staying in the target language. Here’s a sample lesson that I did using this strategy.


We watched a music video in class, and I asked them to answer one question and list the evidence:
* Where does the video take place?

They did not figure out the exact answer, but they came up with great evidence. They listed that people wore “short sleeves,” “tropical fruit,” “bright colors on houses,” “ocean,” and “beach.” Many guessed a Caribbean place like Cuba.

Here is a graphic organizer (except it is in Spanish) that I will use next time by putting a question at the top.


My hope is that this will also strengthen their inference skills and will carry over into other contents, especially during this high stakes testing month!
What activities can you include that use inference skills?