¡Lo tengo! Got it! Je l’ai trouvé! This vocabulary game perks them up quickly and gets every student involved. Thanks to Maggie J. for this exciting activity!

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1. Divide students into two teams.
2. Each team gets a set of cards with pictures for the vocabulary. So if you have teams of 15, you will need 15 cards (1 card per student). If there are extras, students distribute those within their team. It adds an extra challenge the more cards they have.
3. I say a word in Spanish (or a student volunteer with good pronunciation).
4. The teams race against each other. The first student to hold up the card and yell “I got it!” (lo tengo), wins a point for their team.
5. If two students from the same team yell it, then they cancel each other out and lose that round.
6. I like to have a student be the scorekeeper because the game is really fast-paced. I have them switch out often so all students participate.
7. Continue this for while, then tell them to swap their cards within their team.
8. Also try describing the picture or what it is used for to add another twist and raise the proficiency level.

The set of cards in the picture has the Spanish words on them so they can learn to associate the pronunciation with the word first. I have another set from a PowerPoint that I use without words. Print your PowerPoint as a handout (6 to a page) for the game.

I like the cards from this city game from Teacher’s Discovery.