I hope all of you and your families are safe after a horrible day of weather yesterday. My hometown is Henryville, IN. All my family is fine, but many of my friends are dealing with it. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with this.


On a teaching note, I will be talking about this in class on Monday. In the past we have looked at news reports in Spanish about major weather/earth events (tsunami, earthquakes, Alabama tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.). This one will just be a little more personal for me. It helps the students to see maps and be aware of what is happening in the world. There are lots of cognates in the news articles. The Weather Channel website can be put in Spanish. Twitter explodes when something like this occurs. Maybe we can make a list of items we can donate in Spanish. This also brings up that teachable moment about how it helps to know other languages in emergency situations.

Here are two songs that have weather words:
“Mil horas” by Alex Ubago
“Frío” by Jarabe de Palo

Note: My students made the posters as a homework option. Most used the app Picollage to make these.