Published on February 2012 – Read the updated version of this idea here: The Welcome

This is a routine that has been a part of my class from the very beginning. I am always looking for ways to let my students lead class and encourage students to use Spanish at the same time. One activity I have found does both… “La Bienvenida.”

This is a short welcome led by one student a day. I give my students a little outline of what they should say but encourage them to modify it or add anything extra. Students like watching each other speak in front of the class. It is good repetition and one of my favorite routines because it lets me watch the class use the language and interact with each other. Plus, everytime I have been observed, that is one thing that is always mentioned afterwards. Administrators love how student-focused it is!

It goes like this…

¡Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!  

Me llamo ____________ y soy de ___________.  Me gusta ___________ y __________ .

¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy?

¿Qué hora es?

¿Qué tiempo hace afuera?

¡Hoy es un buen día!

Other students in the class are free to respond to the questions in any way they would like.

Here are some variations:

Sometimes we pretend it’s opposite day and everyone answers the questions wrong.

After Spanish 1A, I use my bucket of questions and the leader draws 3 questions and it gives some surprise to the class.

For level two, we flip a euro (and they learn “heads” and “tails”) and if it’s heads then they do the bienvenida like normal. If it’s tails, then the WHOLE class leads the bienvenida from their seats and the 1 person in front of the class answers their questions. 🙂 This is pretty funny.

Also, for the upper level classes, I create questions very specific to the current unit of study. For the food unit… “What did you eat this morning?” “What is your favorite fruit?” or “What do you want to eat for lunch today?”

I create a sign up sheet for this, and have a student who is in charge of alerting the leader each day before class starts. I ask that each student do this at least 1 time each trimester. For ultra shy students, I will allow a friend to help them or let them lead it from the back of the class. (One boy left the class and yelled it from the doorway so his classmates couldn’t see him!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.29.35 PM

After most students have done this once, I will put a card that says “la bienvenida” under a desk and have them look under their desk to see who the lucky winner is! 🙂 The next day they all look under their desk before they sit down but then I’ll have them get the dictionary out from under the desk and the one with the card in the dictionary wins.

Kara adds a little twist when they tell the time by varying the city or country using her shower curtain map and time zone clocks.

Lastly, sometimes past students come back to visit my class and I’ll have them lead my current students. Sometimes they “wow” the class and other times we get to laugh at them a little.

Let students get some time in the spotlight and run class for a little bit! Welcome to class!


Bienvenida downloads available for specific units in the Mercado.