“La Sireenaaaaaa!…. El Caballitoooo!!…  El Polloooooooo!! Descarga ahora el típico juego mexicano de LOTERÍA pero en una versión contemporánea y por supuesto digital. Diversión garantizada para ti, tus amigos y la familia. Diseñada para jugar solo contra la compu o hasta 4 jugadores simultaneamente, además al jugar podrás compartir tus resultados en Facebook para que todo el mundo sepa quién es el mejor! Bajalá es GRATIS, te vas a divertir.”
loteria 2 IMG_2168Bingo en espanol la clase de espanol IMG_2164

I put this free app on my iPads in class and let the students play in groups of 2-4. It was a fun listening activity for them (they hear the word and have to put a bean on the card with that picture/word.) It lets them experience a piece of Mexican culture when  playing a version of Loteria and hearing the awesome accent of the caller. My students still randomly call out some of the words that they remember (laaaaaaa cucarachaaaaaaaa) and we played this 10 weeks ago! The best thing is that the app is actually in Spanish so there is no option to change the language back to English. They have to choose how many “jugadores” and learn to use “opciones”, “atras”, “jugar”, “comenzar”, “pausa”, “continuar”, “ganador”, and more. I assigned this as my task in the game station that they play once a week. I gave them a few things to figure out as they played. “¿Cómo se dice “main menu” en Español? They loved it!

Why shouldn’t students be able to learn and play at the same time? Isn’t it funny how motivated and awake high school students can be when they get to play?

Warning: It’s rated  for ages 12+ so it’s probably best suited for high school – novice level students.