Real life… About clothing…
Well I usually compliment people on what they are wearing or I’ll ask where they got it or how much it was. When I worked in retail, those were the simple tasks I did about any object in the store. So today’s lesson was focused on real world tasks that could apply to any object or store. Take time to “sell” to them how they can use the Spanish they will be learning for the day. Let them make some connections to their life. Also remember to include what your students buy; add Nike shoes, camouflage and sports jerseys to the mix.


First they needed specific vocab. We read clothing ads torn from magazines and they figured out most of the words to make a picture dictionary. We went over any phrases they didn’t get.


Then they got different pages from People en Español like the one below and got a partner. I set up the prompt saying that you LOVE something and ask where it is from, what brand and how much. Some got into it and added “How cool!” or “What a deal!” Note: I modeled it a few times before they began. I brought up a student and really went crazy for her shoes!
I think this would be an even better Ask, Ask, Switch activity with a little prep from the students. They could put a picture on one side of a card and the info on the other.


It was a simple activity, but so rewarding hearing them use the language!