Input, Input, Input!

So after they get this written or oral input, what do they do? After research, I repeatedly read that they should summarize what they understood. I really liked the APCentral Spanish Listening site because it went through the process and gave detailed examples. I looked on Pintrest for some visual inspiration and saw some super cute summarizing gloves for elementary classes.Image 

The idea is that each student can wear (or use) this glove to help them identify the key parts of what they understood, especially when they are summarizing aloud. I’m thinking that students can summarize in the target language too. We make ESL students do it in English. So I will make two sets of these gloves (in English for my ELL class and in Spanish for the Spanish class) using different types of gloves to mix it up. I doubt I will make enough for the entire class, but instead I will have 5 for a station activity. I think that they will like having this “organizer” even if they are too cool to wear it. Also you could put other prompts like “characters, setting, conflict, resolution, etc.”

I wonder how many students will answer “Where” last? 😉

What would you write on the glove?