Here’s a fun review game that I got from Sheila Lee, Laurin Baker and Lori McCool’s session at ACTFL. I played it yesterday and the students had a blast! It is at a novice low level, but I like that they were expanding their vocabulary. It also takes very little prep work on my end. Nice!

1) Put students in small groups. I chose to put them in groups of three so they have more talking time.
2) Give them the game language. I showed them how to say “I know more. I know…” and “Do it!”
3) Give a category. I put them on a Keynote (PowerPoint) and printed them for the groups. Let’s use “colors” as an example.
4) The students will take turns “bidding” on how many words they can say that fit in the category. So the first student may say “I know 5.” The next student may say “I know more. I know 7.” The next student may not know more, so they will challenge the previous one (Do it!) to actually say 7 colors.
5) If the student can fulfill their bid (say 7 colors), then they will receive 7 points (one point per word). If they can’t, the other players get 7 points.
6) Then they go to the next category and repeat the bidding until someone is challenged again.
7) At the end, they add up their points for a total to determine the winner. I usually give a bonus homework stamp. I gave them a blank copy of the form below to track points.



What review games do you use?