Published on May 16, 2015

Grammys! Emmys! Golden Globes! Nobel Prize! ESPYs! Every year we celebrate all kinds of accomplishments. Those nominated for the different awards are simply being honored for their hard work and success achieved! Our students also work hard and have been successful… Why not hold an award ceremony for them in the WL class?

I will be MC-ing my fourth ceremony on the last day of school in each class. I am going to lay down the red carpet (butcher paper) and get the trophies (paper certificates) ready! Here’s an example of the award certificate I made. I don’t claim to be a expert at writing these – if I worded something weird – let me know a better way! No one has ever proof read these for me.

I like to celebrate a variety of achievements in each class. Some of the awards I give are…

  • MVP – Most Valuable Presenter
  • Most likely to marry a Hispanic person
  • Most likely to get lost in a Spanish-speaking country
  • Most likely to be seen one day in a MTV3 music video
  • Most likely to take over my job when I officially lose my mind
  • Most likely to sleep through a natural disaster
  • Most Improved
  • Best attitude

   I try to make this like the awards shows – with a big welcome. We watch some movie clips and pics that I throw together on iMovie with some songs they have liked from class. I announce each and every award with a big, overdone intro in TL using as many cognates as possible.  I ask the class for an applause after I announce each winner. I make them walk the red carpet up to the front where I shake their hand and ask if they want to say anything to the class. I have an microphone app on my iPad that I use if they are willing to give a little speech. It’s pretty funny! “Gracias clase. Es muy especial. Gracias otra vez.”

 Truly, students learn so much in a whole year of a language class. An awards ceremony celebrates what they’ve done and gives them a fun memory of your class. It only takes a few minutes to do, but ends the year on a high note that the students will remember!

I welcome your ideas! How can I make this better? Have any ideas for a good award? Should I wear an old prom dress to set the stage for the ceremony? 🙂


 Original Post Published: May 16, 2012