I love New Years! I love setting goals and making lists. Even better, I love crossing something off once it has been completed. Each January I try to make 1 financial goal, 1 health goal, 1 professional goal, and a goal to learn something new. Do I always accomplish them? Ha. No way, but goals push me to grow and help me zone in on what’s important to me.

One thing that we as teachers are lucky to have – 2 FRESH STARTS! A new school year gives us a chance to start over and Christmas break lets us step back and evaluate what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

I know we all have a bunch of things we HAVE to do… that’s not what I mean. What do YOU want to change, try, or be better with this second half of the school year? Maybe one of these…

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So pick something! Write it down and post it on your mirror, dashboard, or desk so you will see it every day! Even better – share your goals with a friend or with us here! Telling someone keeps you accountable and we accomplish more with the encouragement of a friend.

I’ll start – but if you read my goal you have to share yours in a comment below… Promise? Ok.

My professional goal is to get into podcasts. I’m probably going to embarrass myself here because I don’t know much, but I’d like to download at least 3 podcasts each week that will help me be a better teacher, more educated about the world, and more open to new ideas! I love Ted Talks and I’m looking for something like that, but I want to listen to them on the go, in the mall, or while driving! Any suggestions for me?

Now, it’s your turn! (You promised!!!) What’s your professional goal for the new year?