1 year.

285 posts.

82,897 typos. 24 invalid links. 3 accidental posts. 1 pocket tweet. (ha! Probably more!)

1,056 followers. 2,500 comments.

We simply want to tell you…


This blog was born out of a desire to connect with other language teachers. We wanted a place to share ideas and inspiration with those who were also doing creative things in their classrooms. Kara and I both know how it feels to need a little spark of creativity to add a fresh spin to a lesson. Monthly meetings and annual conferences are great – but what about my lesson tomorrow!?!

We are so happy to be a part of a community of positive people who work so hard to inspire our students to love languages like we do! Thanks to all who have commented and shared some of your resources, ideas, and enthusiasm. You all have made us better teachers and given us tons of ideas to shake up our classrooms even more!

At this one year mark, I realized that I am back teaching some of the same units I was teaching when the blog first started. In a year’s time, I feel like I have 10x the resources I had then. I’ve met some of you in person at KWLA and ACTFL, I’m now following some of you on Twitter, I follow some of you other bloggers out there, and I devour all the great resources you all pin to Pinterest! (Rebecca P. – I use something you pin almost every week!) I am so grateful for what you all have shared! Thanks for being a part of our little online community!

Raise your coffee mug…

Here’s to another year of new friendships and great ideas!!

As I look forward to another year I have to think… How can I make this my best year yet? What can I do to promote learning? How can we be better, together?

Think BIG

Even if it’s not the start of a new school year, it’s a great time of year to give yourself a fresh start mentally! My New Year’s resolution is a simple one. Enjoy Mondays. Life is to short to dread 1/7 of it. I am working to make Mondays a fun day!

(WARNING: You may see more posts about this soon!)

Your turn! Share your inspiration! What has been the best part about teaching in 2012? What are you looking forward to trying in 2013? What’s your teaching resolution?