Thinking about decorating your classroom or cart? Or using Target Language from day 1? We have something that will do both! It’s a post from the past and we still love it, so we gave it a fresh update for the new year. We hope you ♥love♥ the #FreeDownload

Here’s how it goes…

* Download/print the posters. See if your school has a poster maker if you want them larger.

* Hang the “greetings” on the wall in the hallway.

* Hang the “goodbyes” on the wall inside the classroom.

* When they enter, stand outside and greet them. The rule is that they cannot use the same greeting that is used with them. Eventually have students be the greeter instead of you.

* Repeat when they leave using the goodbye phrases.

* Add more phrases as the year continues that relate to your lessons. So if you are learning about Costa Rica, add “Pura Vida.” Add “Buen Provecho” during a food unit for classes during lunch. Let your students add some too. Original post: Greetings and Goodbyes. This idea was originally seen in Sra. Peña’s room. Thanks Kim for sharing your idea!

FYI – – > We have updated the whole site to be set up as a resource for you when planning. For more downloads like this, check out the “Back to School Printables“.

How will you use these signs? We love seeing pics!

Thanks Sheila Willette (South High School, MN) for letting me decorate your door. 🙂