Here’s an idea that Kara and I have been playing around with in our classes. We were inspired by a comment from Robyn a while back. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Most classrooms have the teacher up and busy and the students sitting and quiet. This is great group activity to get students up and moving and using the language.

Step 1: Get students on their feet.

Step 2: Post a question/fill in the blank statement with your projector.

I set it up like this. Each colored box will house an answer to the question.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.04.32 AM

Step 3: Students read the question and find the answer that best suits them. Then they move to that corner of the room.

(You could post a piece of colored paper in each corner so they know exactly where to go for each answer)

Step 4: Have some fun!

I used this activity first thing on the day back from Christmas break. I wanted my students to “use” the language without writing or feeling pressure to produce a lot when they are rusty. They were hesitant at first, but then they got excited. We all got to see how others answered the questions without the painful one-on-one questioning. My favorite part is that it is a new way for students to get comprehensible input. I used familiar words but included a lot that was new to them too. I love letting them see new vocab in a context without it being on a list!  They had a chance to talk about their break and still used the language. Success! 

My tips for making this activity work:

  • – Use a lot of cognates 
  • – Have some quirky questions/answers
  • – Allow them to talk it out with a friend (some needed help understanding)
  • – Use a pic if they need to know a word to answer the question
  • – Keep it moving (10 mins. was plenty)
  • – Ask questions (What kind of tech did you get? a phone? videogames?)

I can’t wait to use this with different units! I can see questions like…

What did you eat for breakfast today? Nothing- I’m hungry!, fruit, cereal or toast, other

What do you usually drink in the morning? Pop, coffee, water, it depends

What is the perfect dinner? a big salad, hamburger with fries, steak and potatoes, popcorn and candy

Any ideas for a fun question we could use for a certain unit? Let’s brainstorm some fun ones below!

This complete lesson is available on, our Spanish Curriculum site.