This video is a few years old but I absolutely love it! North Point Community Church created an iBand with all kinds of devices and here was the result…

Since so many of our students have smart phones and iPads and tablets nowadays, maybe this could be a fun project/homework before vacation! Music is such a huge part of the Christmas celebration and this is a great way to expose Hispanic culture and target language. Throw in a few instruments and it’s even more authentic. You don’t need REAL maracas, bongos, or guitars… students can download many apps for free!

Here are a few freebies from the APP store:

1.) Zampona 3.0 – AWESOME Peruvian panpipe flute

2.) Parranda – JACKPOT! It has it all! Palitos, Guiro, Cencerro , Maracas AND background rhythms to make it all come together! PLUS, it has sound effects that sound like a group yelling “Weeepa” and “felicidades” and

3.) Congas – fun set of bongo drums

3.) Pocket Shaker (iphone) – this has the Cabasa, castanets, guiro, and more!

So if you are singing “Ay del Chiquirritin” or “Navidad, Navidad” in class or participating in a “parranda” like the Puerto Ricans – grab your iPhone and your “pava” and make music a little more fun!

Who says learning can’t be fun?!?