Input is key to learning a language and we want to make it fun. To encourage reading, I’m always looking for what they like to read. Facebook is a big one and now I know an easy way to find what I need.


Initially I “liked” the Tide Facebook page to get coupons. One day I noticed that they posted in Spanish. Then I started looking for other businesses that had Spanish.


On the Internet, I did a search in Spanish for “most popular businesses in Spain” and other countries. They listed Vodefone, El corte ingles, Bimbo, and Carrefour, which I recognized. Next I looked for these companies on Facebook. There were tons of them! Now I can show a little more culture.



But wait! Then I realized that this reading activity can be an interpersonal writing too. I made this document for them to respond. If you want it, right click on the picture, copy, paste on a Word document and stretch it out.


Facebook responses


Now I have a larger variety of authentic, and current, readings. I’m learning that if I use one resource in many ways, then I do less planning. So this Facebook reading activity, becomes a interpersonal writing activity. Next they can write their own and have classmates respond to theirs.


Also many of these Facebook pages have links to their commercials on YouTube. Sweet! More listening activities. Now students can make speaking videos based on an example.

What Facebook pages do you “like” and use in class?