I really need to improve my ways of assessing their learning at the end of a lesson instead of waiting until they take an assessment. I have revamped my exit slip procedure by adding this poster to my old bag of tricks. (To read about other ideas, click here: Exit Slip? Check!) It is based on our rubric (Novice Low, Novice Mid, Novice High, Int Low, etc). At the bottom it says what grade that would be depending on what level they are in (Sp 1, Sp 2).

First I had to focus my lesson on a measurable learning target. This is something I’m struggling with. To me, the proficiency rubric makes everything measurable. My administration likes specific numbers like “describe the person using 5 adjectives”, but I think that limits them and their language production. I would love any input from you all about this! Maybe this is worth another blog post??

At the end of class, I put up a formative assessment to measure how well they could complete the daily learning target. I made the poster to mimic the proficiency rubric. Without notes, each student wrote their answer on a Post-it note with their name on the back. Then they self-assessed their answers and put them where they thought they belonged. I stood there the first few times to guide them. One girl said that she needed to fix it because she wanted to be higher. That’s what I wanted them to do without me saying a word! Success! I do

After talking to Jeff H. from Wisconsin, I realized that JCPS in Kentucky is not the only district that is focused on student data. This poster is now instant data about my lesson and the learning target. I can quickly record how many are at each level or just take a photo for later. I don’t use this poster every day, but I use it often enough to have solid data to track. My administrator really liked how easy and clear this was for me (and students) to reflect on.

Making It Better
I am working with Mrs. Feria at another school this year recreated it as a stop light (which I totally copied!).


Her exit slip slide explained to the students what the colors represented specifically. (Green = Exceeding, yellow = meeting, red = approaching) As another option, she said she can just write on the poster with dry-erase marker. Here are sample slides I made showing how I can change the specifics depending on the goal:

Semaforo Exit Slip Poster by Y. Feria

Semaforo Exit Slip

How do you measure and track data for a daily lesson?