Download Templates for Stations

These are generic templates that can be used with any level and any topic.

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Simplifying Stations with Templates

How can you differentiate using stations?

Pick themes that are relevant and appropriate based on ages and language abilities.

Choose open-ended daily “I can” statements.

Overall Unit Theme

Summative Assessment

Daily Objective that all stations are supporting.

Give them specific instructions for the stations.

Formative Check after the stations.

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Download Tweet Sheet

As a whole-class activity: Gallery Walk

As a whole class activity…

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Our favorite activities to reuse for stations…





Lesson from


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Flyswatter Game ALL in the TL













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Stations for Graffiti

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This “Arte Callejero” unit is from

Stations for “I can talk about birthday gifts.”

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Download the Stations for Gift Lesson

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Home Video + Cultural Comparison

Company Website + Ordering Activity

Tweets + Tweet Sheet

“Listicle” + Rate with Stars

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