Finding good authentic videos for class can consume hours of planning time. Here are two gems I found this month that I can’t wait to try in class.


1. Fox News Latino has a whole site of videos and stories. Most are in English, but they show so much culture. I’m thinking these would be good for warmups, stations, extra time at end of class, homework, or inspiration for a project. I searched “Hispanic Heritage Month” to get to the archives. Next year, I will probably use these for Hispanic Heritage Month to create some connections before we decorate the bulletin board.


2. is a website from Spain that has a page called “Españoles en el mundo” with videos of people from all over AND they are speaking in Spanish! I’m thinking these will be good for some listening assessments. Thanks Yanay F. for sharing the link with us!

How will you use these sites?

Do you have other sites (especially in other languages) you like to use?