I started our “cinco de mayo” study with a few interesting articles as I was out of class at PD’s twice this week. Students read about authentic street foods in Mexico like elote, carnitas, aguas frescas, and… (one of the best street foods in the world) TAMALES. Reading about them was interesting, but it was the pictures that sealed the deal.

I knew they wouldn’t care about an old battle victory over the French if they didn’t feel a little connection with Mexico itself. So then today we watched this little gem of a video:


I did a think, pair, share activity where they jotted down any examples of Mexican they noticed, got with a partner to compare their list, and then we shared them with the class.

Next, I showed them pictures… they worked on whiteboards in groups of 2-3 and had to write a #hashtag or question that connect with the picture of Mexican culture. The activity is a good one for my students – but the authentic pictures made it GREAT!


We did a little group activity that dealt with stereotypes and misconceptions about Mexico which led to some great conversation and a lot more questions.

Then we looked at a few of these pictures before we left. I love this article and was really surprised at sides of the country I never knew existed! Check it out here!

 Original Publication Date: April 2014

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